Welcome to our Art Gallery! Have a look around and see what inspires you. =)

All artworks below are not for any commercial use. If you wish to have it for personal use, please be sure to credit the artist of the work. If you have more questions about our copyright policies, feel free to contact us via elpiscreation@gmail.com. If you are looking for downloadable or printable contents, have a look at our freebies section where we will upload some seasonal goodies that you can download for Free! ^_^

The different colour of the Elpis Creation logo represents each artist:

Red elpis – Winnie (Yuu)

Yellow elpis – Winly (Rin)

Grey elpis – RZ (Ren)


Illustrations, Paintings & Digital Art 插画&其他画作

The Path 路途 – story illustration 故事插画 (ongoing)

Glass Paintings 玻璃彩绘

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