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Chinese New Year Delay

Hello lovelies!

As some of you probably know, Chinese New Year is just around the corner~

As the title states, I’ll have to postpone this week’s update to the next because, like Christmas, we have a lot of preparations to do before the first day of the year of the Lunar Calendar. We have to clean the house, stock up ingredients for feast, as well as bake cookies for relatives and friends as a token of gratitude and best wishes for a New Year! Actually, there are more things to do than what I’ve stated, but thankfully, I’m only responsible for cookie/cake baking and house cleaning. However, I can hardly steal some time off my weekdays with my full-time work now, so this weekend is my only free time for these tasks 😣.

Sorry that I had to delay the update again, but I promise to update a new chap summary next week for you guys (it’s the actual day of CNY, so I’ll have time for translations 😊). And aside from this, I’ve been trying polish up my knowledge and skills on Microsoft Excel these few days for job purposes, which does take some time off my weekend as well 😞. Does any of you know a way to learn excel functions effectively? If you do, do you mind telling me your tips and tricks? That would be truly helpful 🙏🏻.

Once again, sorry for the delay and as a sign of apology, I’ve dropped  you guys a short teaser for next chapter below: 👇🏻

“Heine! Get in here, quickly!”

“I’ve got something to do.”


“We forgot about the dumb rookie.”

“Damn it Heine! Get back here!”


“Hey… do you think we’ll be saved?”

“Lily, get ready, he’s here.”


Xiao Yan removed the device, and pressed open the door.


😱 Who’s here? Teehee~ Well then, hope you had a great weekend! One friendly reminder: Don’t forget to take note of the password for next chapter in the previous chapter for access 😉.

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Could I please get the password for ch27 and 28? If you sent it out before I must have missed it, sorry if that’s the case. Feel free to email it to me if you don’t want it on the forum, I am a subscriber to your translations.

Thanks for translating this novel I love it.


I can read 27 and 28 because I don’t have the password, did I miss some post or something with it on? Please let me know, I love this story and subscribe to your mailing list so I was confused about the password. I del like I missed something important so please help.


I know how to use excel… I also have PDF files to study, one is summarized and the other is a book, I can send it to you if you want…


Hnnngh so cute.. Thanks for the teaser!~ Fightooo


Thanks for the reminder and chapter! Also, this is a lovely teaser.