What We Do


We provide services of app or system programming as well as web developing, contact us if you are interested.  We can help you out on some technical problems as well. Contact us and we will do our best to help.


We have a freelance designer and illustrator in our team that can provide design and illustration services for you. Name what you want and we will work things out!


We offer simple translation service such as novel translation, website translation and others. We provide translation from Chinese to English (or the other way round) as well as Japanese to Chinese or English. Have something that you wish to be translated? Let us know by dropping us an email!


Welcome to Elpis Creation, a place for you to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee after a hectic day.

Here, you can grab yourself a novel to read, a piece of art to admire, or perhaps a simple handicraft to work up on, your choice. Keep digging around and you might find some freebies at the corner for you to take home with, so don't hold yourself back, feel free to roam around for more juicy contents.

As we go by, more things might be added, so be sure to come back once in a while to have a look! We hope you can find what you love here with us and be happy always.

That, is what us Elpis aim to do.

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About Us