Have you wondered why is a company or website named that way? Well, we certainly will. Which leads to the reason of us naming our website Elpis Creation. 

Have you heard of the myth of Pandora's box? An box that was given to a beautiful lady named Pandora by the God, in Greek mythology, and was not to be open as the forms of all evils dwell within. Many knows that opening the Pandora's box will bring calamity and misfortune to the world, but there is one thing that was overlooked, the only hope left within the box, stuck under the lid. That item, is called Elpis, the Hope. 

Our everyday life is hectic, but in order to go on for a longer and better journey in our life, one needs rest, mentally and physically. Elpis Creation hopes to be a place for you to rest your mind and relax, enjoy a story or some handicrafts, a leisure life many wish for. We are not certain if we are able to do so for you, but we really hope it can help a bit. So sit back and relax, feel free to look around for anything that you like and if you do find them interesting to you, be sure to join our little community or drop by once in a while to look for more!

May you be happy and cheerful always! =)

winly translator-content writer

Freelance Translator & Content Writer

Winly (Rin)

Since young, I love to read, because it allows me to immerse myself in written world. I started with English storybooks, then I was hooked in Chinese novels, and eventually, Japanese stories and mangas as well. I can understand the frustration of not able to read something that you wish to read because of language barriers. In fact, that was the reason I started to learn languages aside from my mother tongue ( I started learning Japanese for the sake of video games >u< ). This also brings to the reason why I am here, to share the fun and beauty of written world to others by breaking their language barrier. I am an amateur in translation, but I hope to proceed in this industry someday, as my hobby, as well as, as my career. I am still a student majoring in Public Relations and Journalism, but I am now taking baby steps towards one of my dreams in life.

Hope you have fun reading!

Freelance Designer & Illustrator

Winnie (Yuu)

I am not a good speaker, as I tend to be misunderstood by others from how I convey my message verbally. So, instead of conveying my message in words, I made them into drawings. Ever since young I love to scribble on papers, and sometimes, tearing them apart. Anything that keeps my hand busy. Now, I draw, I paint, and sketch, and design. I am currently a freelance designer and illustrator, with a half-day job to making a living. I hope Elpis Creation could be a platform for me share my work to people and to have others like them as much as I do. Artist can hardly survive in my country, so I wish Elpis could be my hope to let me live  without restriction as an art creator. 

winnie illustrator-designer
ren programmer-web-developer

Freelance Programmer & Web Developer



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